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Tennis Court Renovation by the Experts

Over 3,500 tennis courts renovated since January 2000

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Video’s to explain everthing on a tennis court

Alan explains the different types of carpet surface which are normally found on a tennis court.

The type of carpet has a major effect on the type of maintenance required and hence the life span of the carpet surface.

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Types of Carpet court

Alan explains how moss is removes from the carpet surface

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Moss / Dirt on Carpet courts

Alan explains what Algae is and the effect is has on the safety of the court surface W(when the court surface is damp it becomes very slippy) and how when it is left it turns into moss. If this is also left the moss will start to degrade the court surface resulting in a very expensive new tarmacadam surface

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Algae on a Tarmac Court

Alan explains the action of deep pressure cleaning on a Tarmac tennis court surface and how the bespoke system works on high volumes of water instead of high water pressure.

This reduces the potential damage to the court surface

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Pressure Cleaning a Tarmac Tennis Court