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Probably the most important feature about maintaining tennis court is to use the correct chemical to control the ever present moss & algae and the stubborn weeds that attack the edges of your tennis court. Moss control on a tennis court can be very simple and can be untertaken by yourselves.

We have found over the last 12 years the most effective chemicals have all been banned by the EU due to leakage of the chemical into the water table and therefore the present moss control chemical range available is very short.

Those of you with good memories will remember Mostox, Amillatox, Brayes Emulsion all which have no longer a licence to apply to hard surfaces for moss/weed control.

We have therefore put together a selection of chemicals which our customers can use. Essentially these all  act by restricting the amount of air which is essential to the growth of moss on a tennis court.  They are all effective but remember what you are doing is just killing the moss which will then act as a further breading ground for new moss.

The only effective way of controlling moss is by having your tennis court professionally deep pressure cleaned and then to introduce a structured tennis court maintenance regime.

Algolite Moss control chemical

Our personal choice of moss control chemical. It's a biocide which means that it is safe to use plus 5 litres is exactly the right amount to treat a single tennis court. Just mix it in a 20 litre back pack sprayer and apply to the full court

Dilution rate 1 to 4

5 litres will treat a typical tennis court




As part of our customer care for all tennis court owners who buy our chemical we will set up a maintenance schedule to maintain their tennis court. We will then tx them at the appropriate time to act as a reminder its time to apply the chemical. If they follow our recommendations their tennis court will remain moss free for a lot longer than normal