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Tennis Court Renovation by the Experts

Over 3,500 tennis courts renovated since January 2000

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Some of the team at TCM - yes, we all play Tennis!

Left to Right: Alan (M.D.) Iain (Marketing), Scott (Iain’s son),

 Craig (Alan’s son)

In April 2011 Craig became a Director responsible for on site work

About us


 We have renovated thousands of Tennis Courts and Athletics Tracks all over the UK but now we only work in the Midlands area.

Here are a selection of some of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far will you travel to renovate Tennis Courts?

We have cleaned 1000’s of Tennis Courts all over the UK, but now we only work in the Midlands Area

I would like an annual maintenance of my Tennis Court. Is that something you do?

Annual maintenance is exactly what we recommend to keep your Tennis Court looking great and for maximum safety. It can also save you the major cost of resurfacing or relaying a Court which hasn’t been looked after

Is there anything I can do to help maintain the condition of my Court?

Yes, you can use weed killer from your local stores but the weed killer they sell is not that powerful. Health and safety these days means that the chemical is quite diluted. Having said that, if you spray your Court regularly, it will definitely help keep the Moss and Weeds from damaging your Court. If you subscribe to my Newsletter, there is more detail about how to do this .a

Can I brush the leaves off my Tennis Court?

You can brush the leaves off but you are far better to blow them off. There is a danger with brushing that you “force” the leaves into the surface of your Court which is not ideal. Any remnants from leaves will encourage moisture and algae growth. You can buy cheap blowers but the life span is likely to be rather short. Best invest in a quality blower which will last the lifetime of your Tennis Court.

Do you spray Tennis Courts?

Yes we do spray Tennis Courts and have in fact just bought our latest high tech gadget which will “slip test” any Tennis Court. This equipment (which cost me almost £4000!) is used to see if a Court does need a respray. In fact, the Formulae 1 Racing Teams use exactly this kit to test the “slippyness” of the Racing Tracks. So it is a quality piece of equipment which also helps monitor the Safety of your Tennis Court. I can give you a Certificate Of Safety after measuring your Tennis Court.

What do you charge to clean 1 Tennis Court?

It,s difficult to give an accurate quote due to the Court type and travelling distance but having said that, ask me about our “Special Introductory Rate” for new customers only. We like to prove how good a job we can do for you so will give you a discount on our normal rates if you are new to us. This still comes with our 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or you do not pay a penny.

Such was the success of his renovation system that Alan became self employed in 2000 to go full time with his new business. He has now renovated thousands of Tennis Courts (3,150 at last count) while continually fine tuning his methods to give you the best possible results in super quick time.

Alan,s passion for Tennis meant he studied to become an LTA Tennis Coach. 

It was while coaching that he came across the standard industry tennis court renovation methods. His early career as an engineer and time and study examiner told him that the methods used were very inefficient and very slow. Up for a challenge, he decided to re-design the industry systems and develop his own systems. Little did he realise just how much time and money he would end up spending on designing what is probably the best renovation system in the country. 

It ended up costing him £48,000 in development costs over a period of ten years